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A TV aerial (also called a television antenna) is a particular type of antenna specifically used to receive television signals. It is meant to be used in conjunction with a television receiver (better known simply as a TV). TV aerials receive broadcast signals over the air from TV stations. The quality of the TV reception depends on both the antenna and the transmitter. 

There are two overarching types of TV antennas: indoor antennas and outdoor antennas. Indoor antennas are mounted near the actual TV set – often on top of the TV itself. outdoor antennas are generally located outside on top of the owner’s house. However, outdoor antennas are sometimes mounted in an attic area due to the drier conditions being beneficial for the lifespan of the outdoor antenna.

Outdoor antennas are more expensive compared to indoor antennas. They also generally require professional installation. However, they provide superior reception compared to their indoor counterpart.

As a general rule, the higher the outdoor antenna is located, the better the reception the home will receive. Often, the antenna is placed on a pole attached to the roof of the house to further elevate it and improve its performance. This may be particularly important if the home is located in a valley or surrounded by mountains, dense forest, or buildings. These structures and topographical features can impair or prevent the television signals from reaching the antenna in question. By elevating the antenna higher, reception is usually improved.

Aerial antennas aren’t an either/or option when it comes to your cable or satellite service. Adding an aerial antenna can improve your current cable or satellite signal quality and can be used with many broadcast stations in your local area.


There are two types of aerials that have been used for television reception. The analogue aerial and the digital aerial. The analogue antenna needs to be fairly close to the signal source, or the signal suffers. This was the original antenna used with televisions.

Starting in 2006, many countries around the world started switching from the older analogue standard to the digital TVs (DTV) sold today. However, often the same broadcasting frequencies used for analogue antennas was kept for digital broadcasting, so analogue antennas usually continued to work, even after the overwhelming switch. 

 For TV viewers who get the majority of their shows over the air, digital can provide a number of benefits:

  • Sharper pictures
  • Better sound quality
  • Greater amount and variety of content
  • Ability to receive multiple channels at once

That said, there is a clear line between an analogue aerial and a digital direct aerial. Digital aerials have filters built into them that lower noise pollution and improve picture quality. So, if you want a better audio and visual experience when enjoying your favourite television programs, digital direct aerials are the upgrade you have been looking for. 


There are multiple benefits associated with installing an aerial antenna above your home.

First – and important to most people – aerial antennas can save you money! The TV aerial antenna exists to receive free TV programming. You may be able to cancel your cable or satellite service fee and still enjoy your local programming without having to pay the monthly service provider bills. 

Your aerial antenna may be able to offer you access to channels that your regular service provider doesn’t offer. These are called subchannels and can offer a variety of free programming. It may even pick up on TV channels that are typically out of your market. This can allow you a greater range of sports and news programming.

Aerial antennas also allow homes to receive uncompressed high-definition signals. When using cable and satellite services, you are receiving compressed signals. These uncompressed signals offered via aerial antennas can offer a quality upgrade to your audio and visual television experience.


At Watson TV in Worcester, we can supply and install your digital TV aerial antenna right to your home or commercial building. We operate throughout the Worcestershire area, being a top provider of Worcester TV aerial antennae.

Watson TV has over 20 years of experience in television and radio reception. We use the latest testing and signal measuring equipment to offer full TV Aerial system installations and servicing options. 

We are proud to offer high-quality service, great customer experience, and fast and friendly service in the Worcestershire area. 

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